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Free Stuff Day

Find Free Stuff on Livejournal!

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Find free customized stuff on Livejournal!
Welcome to the Free Stuff Day community! This community is to help publicize people who offer a free something or other on a specific day... anything from icons, poetry, tarot card readings, artwork... if you make it available to anyone who comments on your entry, for free or for tips, then please post about it here!

Please only advertise free customized stuff. If you're offering free fiction, that doesn't count. If you're offering to write free fiction for anyone who stops by and gives you a prompt, that counts! Hopefully that makes sense. :)

Also, please don't advertise free physical stuff unless it's a by-product of your customized offer. This is not a community for giving away your unwanted clothes or electronics... but if you're drawing icons for people for free, and want to offer people the option of buying the original artwork, that's okay.

Right now, please only post to this community to advertise your free day. If you see someone hosting a free day that wasn't advertised on this community, consider commenting on their post, asking them if they'd like to advertise here!

Your post should include this information:
Name of Day: Is this a Free Sketch Day? A Free Icon Day? Your Extra-awesome Poetry Prompt Extravaganza?
Description of Service: Tell us what you're offering and how you want us to participate. Do we give you three prompts to write a story from? Do you want a short character description to draw an icon? Do you just need someone to say, "Me?" and you'll cast them a rune?
Who is Elgible: Preferably this should be anyone! But if you're offering special perks or need to narrow your offering, please tell us what the criteria are. Are you only accepting usernames that start A-H (and will hit the rest of the alphabet another day)? Do you want only the first 25 people to respond? People who've donated to a specific charity? People who link to you on their journals?
Date/Time Window: When is your event happening? ("Right now" is a valid answer!) Who long does it last (an hour? A whole day? As long as you get tips? Until you're done with requests?)
Tipping? Please tell us if you're accepting tips, donations or offering perks for people who feel like giving you some money. While you should be offering something to people for free to advertise in this community, there's no rule against offering more to people who have done something for you.
Examples: If you have them, please link to samples of what you're offering or other Free Days you've done so people can investigate!

Please tag your entry with the kind of service you're offering. Our current tags are art, cards, divination, poetry, writing. If you want to add a tag to describe your offering better, please do!

Your friendly moderator and maintainer is haikujaguar. If we need more help moderating the community, I'll holler.

Our icon of the treasure-hunting kitty was drawn by djinni! Thank you, Tod!